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Warm Down-filled Jackets Canada: Warmth and Comfort

Warm Down-filled Jackets Canada: Warmth and Comfort
Warm down-filled jackets in Canada have been a staple since the country was formed. In fact, down has been used in jackets as far back as the 1600’s in Russia. They were far from stylish, but the purpose was fulfilled. Today’s down jackets are a must-own for every Canadian. Canadian down-filled jackets are warm, stylish, built with premium materials, and offer a level of luxury very rarely found in clothing designed for frigid temperatures. The most reputable products, like those made by Arctic Bay, provide all the benefits of Canadian down-filled jackets but don’t sacrifice high fashion sensibilities. 

Choosing the Best

There are countless discount brand jackets available in just about every store. They’re often poorly made and are filled with a non-down materials that are simply unable to compare to the heat retention offered through Canadian down. So how do you choose the best quality down-filled jacket, and which are the warmest? It pays to read the tag. Only the most luxurious and most comfortable options are made with high end components. Look for Canadian duck down, and Canadian origin coyote fur trims. The finer products will also have real beaver fur beard guards, and a 100% nylon lining. 

It’s worth noting that not all down is created equally. Be sure to choose a jacket with a fill power of no less than 700 to ensure top quality warmth. It used to be difficult to find such excellent materials in a single jacket, but these days it’s as simple as a quick internet search. The most sought after Canadian made duck down jackets can be found through Arctic Bay. You can buy truly excellent down-filled jackets online, and the most dependable fabricators and retailers offer free shipping for down jackets. 

Canadian Made

If you want the most exceptional quality down-filled jacket, buying Canadian made is an absolute must. Who knows Canadian winters better than Canadians? Buying products made in Canada gives Canadians jobs and ensures that these jackets are ethically made. Proudly Canadian companies like Arctic Bay offer Canadians truly exceptional quality goods designed for the climate in which they were designed. No sweatshops, no inferior quality materials, and fashion sensibilities and functions that go hand-in-hand with the tundra like conditions found all over the country for six months of the year. 


You’ve lived through several winters. You’ve been cold for most of them. Why not take steps to ensure a more luxurious winter for yourself? There’s no reason to buy discount jackets every year. Take the plunge and invest in a winter jacket that will keep you warm and last for years to come. Don’t sacrifice style for function. It’s possible to obtain both in a single Canadian down-filled jacket.

Warm down-filled jackets in Canada are becoming a necessity. There’s no longer a reason to put off buying that perfect, fashionable, comfortable, warm, down-filled jacket. They can be purchased online from highly responsible makers, the best of which, like Arctic Bay, offer free shipping. Take a tour of their online showroom and take the plunge today! You’ll be rewarded with a jacket that will keep you warm and looking good for years to come.

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